Clinical Aromatherapy

Clinical aromatherapy is natural, non-invasive and therapeutic, and is equally effective at reducing mental stress and relieving physical tensions from your body.

Aromatherapy makes use of blended essential oils that can be applied through massage, steam inhalation, or by using hot or cold compresses, determined by your individual needs.

Essential oils work best when applied by a qualified and skilled therapist, so at Essential Thyme you receive a full consultation on your first visit; this consultation is important as it covers your medical history and records any medication you might use. Only then does your therapist create the blend (or blends) of essential oils that will work best for you…

On each subsequent visit, you receive a mini-consultation; your therapist will check on how you have been since your last visit, and will ask you about any changes to your health before creating and applying your own particular blend of essential oils.

Some examples of essential oils – and what they can do in the hands of a qualified aromatherapist:

  • Lavender: helps with sleep
  • Chamomile: relaxation, anti-inflammatory
  • Ravensara: anti-viral; anti-inflammatory; helps with congestion
  • Nutmeg: muscle-warming
  • Lime: uplifting; mood-boosting; helps combat tiredness
  • Bergamot: uplifting; anti-congestive (and is also found in Earl Grey tea!)

Typical therapy times:

Back: 30, 45 or 60 minutes

Full body: 60 or 90 minutes