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Essential Thyme will shortly be making available a number of innovative workshop programmes for adults and children, all designed to promote relaxation, wellbeing, positive relationships and improved family communication. Here’s a flavour of what is planned:

Breathe Happier

Breathe Happier: a 10 week programme of 30-minute workshops delivering peer-to-peer massage techniques for Infant School pupils, running alongside a weekly workshop for parents/carers.

The programme can be adapted to suit particular needs: for example, workshops for Year 6 students on how to cope with stress in preparation for their SATS.

Breathe Happier will be delivered in partnership with Next Steps – Learning for Life.



Story Massage

Story Massage: uses ten basic massage strokes to tell a story through positive touch and is ideal for children and adults alike. The massage strokes concentrate on the shoulders, back, arms and head, and no oil is used.

Story massage is a simple and fun activity that can help relax both mind and body, reduce aggressive and hyperactive behaviour, increase self-confidence, and develop imagination.

Story Massage will be delivered in conjunction with Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper, founding partners of

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The Art of Finding Stillness & Calm

The Art of finding Stillness and Calm: Sandra has trained with Buddhist monk Lama Shri Sadhu Dharmavira to learn the teaching techniques for these four therapies:

Mindfulness breathing: breath awareness meditation is a method of stilling the mind, bringing clarity and awareness to everyday activities. It’s a great tool to help you develop a relaxed and controlled state of mind during the waking day.


Yoga Nidra: helps with developing inner calm and stillness. Through a combination of body and mind awareness practices, you learn how to control your mind in that place that sits between wakefulness and sleep – a place where stress often lingers.

Walking Meditation: allows you to experience the stillness of seated relaxation whilst in movement, thus giving you the control of calmness whilst carrying on your normal day.

Deep Awareness practice: helps you go to the sub-conscious levels of your mind, where you are able to take complete control of areas of your life that you wish to change.

These techniques are carried out either sitting upright or standing, and are open to everyone.

Stress Buster

Stress Buster: When you’re feeling stressed, and you need some calm, who you gonna call? Stress Buster!


Using a range of relaxation techniques, this workshop includes a mixture of breathing, visualisation, relaxation, self and peer-to-peer massage, so participants can experience calmness, better concentration & confidence. We also look into how stress can – and does – affect the body, both mentally and physically.

These techniques can be offered either on a one-to-one basis or in a small workshop setting.

Please contact Sandra Hope for further information on any of these forthcoming workshops.