Hands-free massage

Hands-free massage puts special emphasis on using the soft part of the therapist’s forearms (and sometimes their elbows, knees and legs) for a deep and effective massage that helps relieve your stiffness and improve your flexibility.

This massage is mostly carried out on your back and the backs of your legs, but the sensations can be felt all over your body. Both invigorating and deeply relaxing, hands-free massage is also good for improving circulation – and it can be incorporated into any other massage therapy.

Essential Thyme’s principal therapist, Sandra Hope, has trained with renowned expert Gerry Pyves and has completed both the ‘Transforming Touch’ and ‘Practitioner’ courses in 2011.

If you would like to sample hands-free massage, simply ask Sandra for a brief ‘taster’ during your next appointment…

Typical therapy times:

Back: 30 or 45 minutes

Back and legs: 45 or 60 minutes