Introduction to telling stories through the power of touch




£60 for 4 hours

Half day workshop

Introduction to the power of touch

Understand who this form of massage could help

Introduction to the massage techniques


Do you have children or elderly relatives that can’t settle, suffer with anxiety, dementia?  Then why not try the power of touch through story telling.  This technique is completed fully clothed and while you are telling a story, nursery rhyme or reminiscing about family events, you can use a range of massage strokes to help calm the persons mind, the moves can be practised on the persons back, arm or head.


A great way to bond with people who are unable to sit still or have wandering minds.

Essential Thyme has used this technique on children in primary years and has shown the children to be more focused and alert after sessions.

A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the course


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