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Essential Thyme

I want to thank you for giving me an exceptional sports massage after the Great North Run.

I played basketball for 18 years and played both track and basketball in college. To say I have been through tough workouts/games that left me injured or just physically broken is an understatement. I have see several health professionals from physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists to know a good one from a great one!

I was hesitant to try your services because well…being an American… I am so tough on English customer service and I thought, If I don’t like this massage…I’ll have to see her every week at our networking meeting”. But I am happy to say you’re a great massage therapist! The area of your services that I really value is that you LISTENED to me. After an intense workout, I know my problem areas and after the Great North Run I couldn’t walk. I needed a therapist that could listen to what I needed and then execute “killing me softly” to get me back in working order. You did just that!

Thank you for the amazing customer service and thank you for listening to what I needed – I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family. You Rock!

Rochelle – September 2019


I am not a regular massage goer; in fact, I can honestly say that due to chronic pain I avoid putting myself in situations which could make it worse.

It was therefore with a bit of apprehension that I asked Sandra if she could help me. Part of the issue is a sedentary lifestyle from sitting at a desk for most of the working day, and partly a long-term health condition which causes pain.

Sandra is very knowledgeable of her profession, she is highly skilled professional, she made me feel completely at ease and relaxed during the session and she patiently explained what she was doing, why she was doing it, and, how I might feel in the next few days.

The pain has hugely improved, as has my sleep, and I can’t thank Sandra enough.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sandra to others, she is fantastic, and I will be back for more sessions.

Kay – November 2019


I have wanted to say a huge thank you to Sandra for the amazing massage she gave me to helpers the tension and stress in my shoulders and upper back. I have been to many different places before but Sandra took the time to understand my concerns and aches and pains. Also her knowledge of the human body and muscle structure is mind blowing. Her massage certainly removed the knots and stiffness in my shoulders and I am looking forward to treating myself more often to keep the tension at bay.

I also enlisted Sandra in helping developing some Christmas gifts for my clients. Sandra took the time to listen to my requirements and offered a number of great suggestion. After several discussions and experimenting with different scents I decided on some handmade candles, which smell divine and offer a unique and different gift this year.

Thank you Sandra, you are a very talented lady, and I will certainly be using your services again in the future.

Helen – December 2019


Thank you for a lovely afternoon this week, You gave me a great back massage. I arrived stressed with muscles that were so tense and a brain that just would not switch off.

By the time I left you I not only felt very relaxed but somehow taller, my back was straighter and my mind very much calmer.

I can wholeheartedly recommend your services, you are very professional and have an impressive knowledge.

I shall certainly be back for a repeat session.

Julia – February 2020


The moment I climbed the steps of the beautiful building my old solicitor’s worked from, I knew I was home. Welcomed into Sandra’s warm and well-appointed consulting room, so professional so peaceful. After a consultation with Sandra regarding my medications and health I was asked to strip to my boxer’s behind the screen of shame and wrap a pink towel round my bottom half. I lay face down and waited for the punishment to sort my lower back issues out. Sandra got to work stretching and manipulating my torso till I cried in pain, but she certainly knew what she was doing and was clearly well practised in her profession. All fo the best moves and none of the worst as perviously suffered at the hands and elbows of manipulators before her. I have no hesitation in recommending Sandra Hope for a consultation to sort out those ache and pains in her lovely consulting room.

Peter – February 2020


I wanted to say thank you for a lovely afternoon this week. My mum had a wonderful relaxing hand and foot massage. You too great care of her. were patient as she dealt with the challenges she faces with her Alzheimer’s.

She spoke about it all evening telling my sisters about you and how you made her feel so relaxed.

We have booked in with you next month and hope to make this a regular part of her and my special days out.

I would like to say she will be looking forward to it, but for her it will be a whole new lovely experience that she will have and receive the pleasure of experiencing something for the first time ‘again’, one of the blessing of her condition. Thank you again.

Julia/Beth – March 2020