Targeting the source of your pain

So you get back to living your life.


Massage therapy, massage training and handmade products based in Jesmond, Newcastle

“I have arthritis  and now I’m in less pain. My weekly massages make my life better”

Pauline Frost

Retired, 70+

“If I ever have a bad back or an ache, Sandra gets rid of it”

Jean Driscoll

Retired, 60+

“I have a joke with Sandra that she’s never happy until she’s found a knot. She’ll keep going until she finds them.”

John Digman

Finance, 60+

Targeting pain. Relieving pressure

If you’re looking for a spa-type massage complete with whale music, you’re in the wrong place. But if you’re tired of being in pain and need help targeting and fixing it, I will help.

Keeping things simple:

Most massage therapists give you a long list of different therapies to choose from, but it’s not your job to know which one you need. It’s my job. And it’s why I make booking an appointment easy:

  1. Book a 30-, 45- or 60-minute appointment.
  2. Tell me what’s niggling or bothering you on the day.
  3. I’ll use a blend of techniques to target and fix your pain.

What do you need?

Pain Management

Pain Management

“I’ve got a history with joint pain and need help managing it.”

General Niggles

General Niggles

“Something unexpected happened and I’m in a bit of pain.”



“I’m pregnant and need some help feeling relaxed.”

Injury Rehab

Injury Rehab

“I’ve seen a physio and they recommended I get massage therapy.”

Interested in Massage Training?

Whether you’re looking to understand the basics of massage or need an ABT-accredited massage course to set up your own business, I can help.


From wax melts to candles and essential oils to soaps – whatever you need to relax, I have handmade products waiting to help.

Book onto one of my hands-on workshops now.

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