Felt a muscle spasm? Suddenly woken up with pain? Or sneezed and put your shoulder out? … I can help


Massage therapy for when something unexpected has happened, is causing you pain, and you just want things to go back to how they were before.

“My lower back was absolutely killing me with picking up my one-year-old son. Sandra sorted it out!.”

Kelsey Higgins

Project Manager, 20+

Get booked in. Get it sorted

People have a bad habit of putting up with pain. 

They try and mask the problem with painkillers, they Google their symptoms and they try stretches they found on YouTube. 

Or worse … they stop moving altogether. 

 Booking in with me speeds up your recovery time and gets you back doing all the things you love, pain-free, quicker.

 This isn’t the fluffy type of massage complete with whale music that you’d get at a spa. We’ve got a job to do – getting you back to full fitness, fast.

How does it work?


Step One

Book yourself in for a 30-, 45- or 60-minute session

This gives you the flexibility to make your massage work around your working day or your other time or budget considerations.

Step Two

Fill out the online consulation form to tell me a bit about your history

I’ll email you the form or you can fill it out yourself online. Filling it out beforehand means I can safely perform your massage and maximise the time we have on the day.

Step Three

Enjoy your massage therapy.

Before we get started, we’ll find out how you’re feeling to make sure nothing has changed since you filled out the consultation form.

Step Four

Leave feeling better than when you arrived

We’ll have targeted your key pain areas, working the muscles to undo knots and relieve tension on your joints.

Step Five


If you repeat the same behaviours that led to your pain, you’ll not get better. It’s why I’ll give you stretches to perform or tips on how to avoid the same pain happening again in the future. 

What massage therapies will we typically do?

I’ll use a blend of three/four techniques in our session to target and ease your pain. Click below to learn more about them.

“I love Sandra’s Thai foot massages. Yesterday I tried an Indian head massage and my God, I could hardly walk when I left because I felt so relaxed.”

Jean Driscoll

Retired, 60+


30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes

Massage Memberships

One-off massages may temporarily help your pain, but they’re no replacement for regular massages – that’s why I offer massage memberships (at discounted rates).