Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma

Become a highly qualified Aromatherapy Massage Therapist with our Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma.

Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma

In conjunction with Penny Price Aromatherapy, this course is run over 20 contact days to learn the theory and practical elements to aromatherapy, you will also need to complete homework both theory and case studies.

£2,400 per person (£600 per module)

Group of up to 4 students or Solo training also available

The training is split into 4 modules, delivered over 5 days, the modules are:

Module 1:
A Primary Understanding: The Fundamentals and History of Aromatherapy

• Aromatherapy massage, its principles and benefits
• The properties and effects of 12 of the most popular essential oils
• Methods of extraction, storage and blending and use of carrier oils
• History of Aromatherapy and massage together with the Philosophy of holistic healing
• Introduction to botany, plant cell function and photosynthesis

Module 2:
A Deeper Exploration: The Material and Benefits of Aromatherapy

• A Comprehensive appreciation of body analysis for assessment of clients
• Choosing appropriate oils, creams and lotions used in aromatherapy treatment for specific ailments and conditions
• Extended massage principles and demonstrated and practised throughly
• Introduction to plant families and therapeutic and physical properties of essential oils and their pharmacological effects on the body
• Properties and effects of 15 essential oils
• Introduction to the chemistry of essential oils and their components parts
• Introduction to Hydrolats

Module 3:
A Critical Investigation: The Chemistry and Taxonomy of Essential Oils

• Specific techniques n massage including Aromaflexology massage
• Information on plant families and essential oils expanded
• Organic chemistry and essential oil components awareness
• Toxicity, essential oil purity and safety
• 15 carrier oils are discussed in depth
• Allergy and substance sensitivity
• The properties and effects of 15 essential oils are studied

Module 4:
The Bigger Picture: The Healthy Life and Aromatherapy
• Differences between plant medicine and orthodox medicine
• The comprehensive study of common ailments, including those arising from care for the elderly, pregnancy and pediatrics, depression, special needs and massage with cancer patients
• Olfaction and its psychosomatic effects
• The properties and effects fo 12 essential oils are studies
• Techniques of neck and shoulder massage and relaxation are included in this module

This diploma course is assessed by:
• 2½ hour written examination at the end of all 4 modules
• 2½ hour practical examination at the end of all 4 modules
• 50 hours of case studies carried out in between each module
• Continuous assessment by essays and short answer questions to prepare you for your written exam

To gain the full diploma qualification and receive your certificate you will need to hold qualifications in both Anatomy & Physiology and Business Studies. If you already hold qualifications in these topics to the same level/standards, you will need to provide evidence which will be assessed by the Head Office at Penny Price Academy.

This diploma course is accredited by the IFPA and FHT professional bodies. Student membership and insurance if available through either of these organisations (insurance is required for the practice of your case studies).

If you are just interested in learning about the basics of essential oils and their safety to use at home on yourself and your family, you can attend Module 1 which will give you the foundations and safety you will need.

Extra costs:

In order to obtain the full Diploma accreditation you will need to complete the following courses:

  • Anatomy and Physiology (on-line) – £345.60 (if you already have a qualification we will need to see you certificate and you would be exempt from this course subject to the level of your qualification)
  • Business Studies (on-line) – £72 (if you already have experience in running a business we need to see evidence and you would be exempt from this course)
  • Cost of the oils per module that are studied – this can be purchased through Penny Price Aromatherapy or you can source them from other suppliers, please not you will need the oils to complete the case studies


To book onto the Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma, please contact Sandra direct at Essential Thyme Training by email or calling 0191 468 2054 or complete our Contact Us form