Crystal Tranquillity Therapy

Crystal Tranquillity Therapy is ideal to release built up tension and introduce peace and calmness into your life. 

Crystal Tranquillity Therapy

Crystal Tranquillity –  For thousands of years, crystals have been recognised in many cultures for their healing properties, aiding physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

This Essential Thyme therapy incorporates a neck, face, hand and arm massage using techniques drawn from Tibetan, Indian and Ayurvedic traditions. 

Rose quartz crystals (known for their particular healing properties) are used for your massage, the crystals are both placed on or around the body as well as being used to administer the massage which is complemented by the use of lovely fragrant Rose Facial Oil.

It is said that Rose quartz crystals can help with lowering stress and tension in the heart, help to clear out anger, jealousy, and resentment from others as well as allowing the healing of heart issues and disease linked to negative emotions.  Some also say that they are the romance stone and can help attract love.

This therapy helps to rebalance the body with emotions and helps to release any built up tension, it’s a great therapy to help with relaxation, reduce stress, grounding and overall wellbeing.

Some of the benefits from this therapy are:

  • Skin conditioning from the use of the Rose oil as well as the massage movements to help promote a healthy skin
  • Helps to ground and focus you and your mind
  • Helps with reduction in stress levels
  • Helps to promote relaxation and sleep
  • Improves concentration

Crystal Tranquillity Therapy is an ideal therapy if you need to release built-up tension and introduce more calmness, peace and relaxation into your life…