Easy Muscle Management

Easy Muscle Management uses a mix of gentle switches and direct pressure to unlock the memory in muscles

Easy Muscle Management

Easy Muscle Management (EMM-Tech) is a safe and simple muscle release therapy first developed in Australia by remedial therapist Ross Emmett.

Ross developed the Emmett Technique which is a muscle release  therapy.  Your therapist uses a mixture of gentle switches and direct pressure to unlock the memory in the muscles and return the body to a balanced status.  Sandra does not carry out the full Emmett Technique (she can recommend Emmett practitioners for you), but she does offer the EMM-Tech therapy.

It uses light finger pressure at specific locations to gently release tension in many problem areas such as the neck, shoulders and back and can be applied directly to the skin or through clothing, with the client sitting, standing or lying down.

EMM-Tech was designed to help non therapist gain a skill to add to their self care toolbox so they can help themselves as well as work on friends and relatives to help ease pain and discomfort.

Have you got an issue with picking things up or gripping onto items with your hands?  EMM-Tech method is great for things like this, let Sandra have a look and her magic hands can help increase power in your hands straight away form just a few moves on the arm and wrist.  You will also be shown how to administer the moves yourself to use at home or out and about when you feel the need.

Do you feel wobbly on your feet, have balance issues?  Again EMM-Tech could help with this.  Sandra will start with you standing up and test your balance by gently pushing you at the front, back and both sides (don’t worry she will catch you and not let you fall), them a few little moves on the feet and ankles before retesting your balance, you will see a difference in that you will be strong not able to be moved about – its all magic.

Essential Thyme offers EMM-Tech either as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with other massage sessions.