Hands-Free Massage

Hands-free massage is a deep and effective massage therapy with invigorating benefits. 

Hands-Free Massage

Hands-Free Massage is known as the gentle giant of deep tissue massage.  You will feel the massage going deep into your muscles but at the same time it will be very gentle on you, this is due to the therapists using the soft part of their forearms (and sometimes their elbows, knees and legs) for a deep and effective massage that helps to relieve stiffness and improve your flexibility.

This massage is mostly carried out on your back and the backs of your legs, but the sensations can be felt all over your body. Both invigorating and deeply relaxing.

Some of the benefits of this type of massage are:

  • Helps to improve circulation
  • Helps to promote sleep
  • Helps with grounding and realign of the body
  • Helps to reduce stress
  • Helps to release built up tension
  • Helps to clear and focus the mind
  • Helps with relaxation

The massage couch will be much lower than for any other type of massage you may have received, this is due to the therapist uses their own body weight leaning into you to give the gentle but deep pressure required for this technique.  You will experience the the gentle pressure as well as some rocking movements to help gently wake up the tight muscles and help them to release any tension holding.

Essential Thyme’s principal therapist Sandra Hope, trained in this type of massage in 2011 with industry-renowned expert Gerry Pyves. Sandra has completed both the “Transforming Touch” and “Practitioner” courses.

We can provide ‘samples’ of hands-free during any of our massage therapy sessions, simply ask Sandra for a brief taster during your appointment.