Sports Massage

Despite the name, sports massage is not just for the athletics among us. 

Sports Massage

Sports massage – as the name implies – was originally developed to serve athletes to prevent and relieve injuries caused by too much physical activity.

You may not think yourself as an athlete. But do you take part in sporting actives such as working out in the gym, football, running, gymnastics and many more?  If you have answered yes to any of the above, then this type of massage will really benefit you and your muscles.

But as mentioned previously, the benefits of this type of massage need not be confined to sports men and women; all the non-athletes amongst us can gain just as much from these therapies as they help on both psychological and physiological levels.

If you complete rigorous exercise, you can fall prey to delayed onset muscle soreness (known as DOMS). This delayed soreness typically begins between 12-24 hours after exercise and can stick around for up to 72 hours.  Sports massage therapy helps reduce this delayed soreness by encouraging blood and lymph flow throughout your body, thus preventing muscle fatigue.

Something to remember to include when you do any sport of exercise that you MUST include stretching before and after any exercise session, this is to warm up and cool down the muscles to help prevent injury.  If you remember to do this it will help with the body healing itself from any injury and also means that during your massage sessions the therapist can work deeper into the muscles as they have been stretched, however if you don’t we can always add some stretching to your massage as well.

When you receive this type of massage, your body releases endorphins (known as the body’s natural pain relievers). These endorphins not only provide pain relief; they help to decrease anxiety, improve your mood and generally contribute positively to your state of well-being.

So, whether or not you are participating in sporting pursuits, you can draw real physical and psychological benefits from a sports massage delivered by a highly skilled therapist at Essential Thyme.