Interview with clients on the Massage Membership  

Ross & Danielle signed up for the silver level on the massage membership. This allowed them to have a 45-minute massage session per month per membership. I recently sat down with them to have a chat to see what made them each join the membership scheme. Additionally, I asked what they have received from the regular massage sessions.

Q. What made you decide to try out Essential Thyme?

Danielle – I suffer with muscle spasms in my shoulder when I have a sneezing attack. I had heard from friends that Sandra has magic hands.  As I was in so much pain/discomfort I booked an appointment. Within a few minutes of getting on the massage couch, Sandra was able to locate the spasmed muscle. She immediately started to work on releasing it.

Ross – My partner Danielle had already been a client of Sandra’s. She booked me in for an appointment to help with my back pain.

Q. What level of membership did you choose?

Ross & Danielle – both choose a silver level (45-minute session per month)

Q. How long have you been a client of Essential Thyme?

Danielle – around 2.5 years

Ross – around 1.5 years

Q. Do you have any specific medical conditions that the regular massage sessions helped with?

Danielle – My initial reason for seeing Sandra was my shoulder muscles going into spasm from sneezing. However,  I also fell pregnant and suffered with lower back and hip pain/discomfort. As Sandra is Pregnancy Massage trained, I felt safe in her hands during my pregnancy.

Ross – I suffer with sciatica and lower back issues which were the main reasons for coming to Essential Thyme.  After my initial session, I could already feel a difference in lower pain levels and more movement and flexibility in my lower back area.

Q. How did you feel after each massage session?

Danielle – great, more movement and reduction in pain levels

Ross – Sensational! With each additional regular monthly session my pain levels were reduced for longer periods between sessions. This made me able to do more things with my family without being in pain or having to take a lot of painkillers.

Q. Do you feel your massage sessions have helped improve your overall wellbeing?

Danielle – Yes, definitely

Ross – Definitely I sleep so much better and feel able to move pain free.

 Q. What made you decided to join the membership scheme?

Danielle – It just made seemed to make sense and offer the better value for money in the long term.

Ross – My partner purchased this membership as a birthday present.

 Q. If you were asked to write a review for Essential Thyme, what would you say?

Danielle – Sandra is lush, has magic hands and can quickly location the problem areas and easy the pain.

Ross – Essential Thyme is an exceptionally professional and friendly place to visit with excellent service.  Nothing seems to be too much trouble for Sandra and she offers great value and flexibility.

Are you interested in a massage membership with Essential Thyme?

Here at Essential Thyme, we offer three membership levels:

  • Bronze – £33 per month. 1 x 30 massage session per month. 5% discount on additional massage appointments. 5% discount on Essential Thyme products and gift vouchers.


  • Silver – £39 per month. 1 x 45 massage session per month. 10% discount on additional massage appointments. 10% discount on Essential Thyme products and gift vouchers.


  • Gold – £45 per month. 1 x 60 massage session per month. 15% discount on additional massage appointments. 15% discount on Essential Thyme products and gift vouchers.

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