Is it safe to have a Massage yet?


The Massage/Health Industry (along with most other businesses) has been hard hit due to Covid and lock-down, meaning that Massage clinics had to shut their doors in March 2020 and only were given the go ahead to reopen in July (for England). So now you can go for a massage how safe is it? 

Well that really depends on you and your therapist and what measures are in place to make it a safe environment for both of you.  At Essential Thyme Sandra was working hard behind the scenes to make sure she had everything covered before she reopened at the end of July. 

As well as waiting for information from the government re their guidelines, she also was waiting for confirmation of the guidelines from the different professional bodies she is registered with.  They were working together with the government to agree on what is classed as safe to practice and these are what Sandra must and does adhere to in her clinic environment.

Before your appointment Sandra contacts you and sends you by email a document on the new procedures and what to expect when you arrive – don’t want to scare you re all the PPE being worn.  Also you will be asked a number of questions with regards to your health, have you or anyone you know been in contact or had symptoms of Covid.  If you have had Covid, you will be asked to provide a letter from your GP to advise that you are fit and well to have a massage, as it has been shown that covid survivors can be prone to blood clots and this is a contradiction for massage. 

On arrival for your appointment you will be required to wear a face covering/mask (unless you are exempt), this should be put on before you enter the building, and not taken off until you leave the building (yes it has to stay on during your massage).  Sandra will meet you at the door of her therapy room and take your temperature which will be written up in your client record and will also ask you again a list of covid questions.  If you do not have a face mask/covering on and are not on the exempt list Sandra under the guidelines will have to turn you away from your appointment (you will still be charged for that session), this is not being awkward its to keep both you and therapists safe. 

Sandra will be wearing full PPE kit of Face Mask, Visor, Apron & Gloves.  Between each client and at the start and end of each day, the room will be cleaned down, windows opened to help ventilate and bring in fresh air to the room.  All towels couch covers, blankets are all removed and changed for each client and are taken away each day and washed at 60 degrees or above.  All waste is removed at the end of each day disposed of in the correct manor.

With all the extra cleaning this means that the diary will have less appointments available per day to allow for this and also to prevent any client cross over in the waiting room – you will be asked to arrive at the time of your appointment so don’t arrive too early and have the potential to cross over with a previous client.

From 24th September Essential Thyme has to comply with the government and the Track & Trace guidelines.  This means that when you arrive tor your appointment not only will you have your temperature taken, asked questions about contact with covid, but you will also have to agree to one of the following: 

  • Either using your smartphone if you have one, scan a QR code which will be located just in the entrance to the therapy room, so you can check into the new NHS Covid-19 app
  • Or, if you don’t have a smartphone or have it with you at your appointment, you must agree for Sandra to be able to pass on your contact details to the NHS Track & Trace people if they have requested this.

By agreeing to either of the above options hopefully it will help us keep on top of any further spread of the virus and you will be contacted only if you have been in contact with someone who has the symptoms. 

However if you decide that you do not agree to either scan the QR code or for Sandra to pass on your contact details if requested, then you will not be admitted for your appointment as Essential Thyme has to follow these procedures.  You will also be charged for your appointment if you do no adhere to these new policies

Sandra has been glad to be back to work even though its not very comfortable to work with all the PPE on and admires the NHS workers who have been doing this throughout lock down.

If you have any questions or concerns about is it safe for a massage especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or just a bit scared, please contact Sandra to discuss if it would be appropriate for you to have a massage now or to wait, she can advise on some things you can do at home to help with any little aches or niggles you might have in your muscles.